Bible Clock Shows

This page lists shows and shops where Bible Clocks have been sold. The entries are dated with the most recent shows first.

Christmas 2008: Clark's Floral and Gifts

display of clocks

Our friends at Clark's Floral are selling Bible Clocks for walk in customers. Visit their store in Goldendale Washington to buy a Bible Clock.

December 16, 2006: The Christmas Craft Show at Sandpoint Assembly of God

picture of show

We want to thank Kim Spencer for arranging the wonderful 2006 Christmas Craft Show.

Being in a Church Sanctuary, and since we were one of the few clearly Christian products, Kim placed our booth inside the front door. Clock sales were brisk, we nearly cleared the board.

There were many nice products from a range of vendors. We enjoyed the conversations and the hot meal provided by the youth group. And oh was it nice to be inside.

August-October 2006: Sandpoint Farmer's Market

show picture

Across the summer of 2006 we sold Bible Clocks in the arts and crafts category of the Sandpoint, Idaho, Farmer's Market. We spent some Wednesday afternoons and many Saturdays from August through October selling Bible Clocks.

We made many new friends and had great conversations with people who stopped by.

One visitor to our booth said to us, "You know, I've seen this style of clock in a museum somewhere..." We thought she was pulling our leg.

After a little research we found that Europeans used this style of clock into the late 1400s. At that point in history they were supplanted by clocks which had the "zero hour" at high noon, were it was set each day. Mechanical clocks in the 1400s were accurate to 2 hours per day, which is why they needed to be reset at high noon each day. Some of those clocks can still be found in museums.

We had an absolute blast that summer. A special thanks to all who arrange the market and to all who were so encouraging.

July 14-16 2006: Kent Cornucopia Days Street Fair

This fair was our absolute first show.

Thanks to Karen Thomas for sharing your booth with us. Though a little rough the first time out we learned so much talking to everyone who stopped to ask "What's a Bible clock?"

After the show began we realized we needed a sign, so Phil had one made that said "BIBLE CLOCKS" in big bold letters. That obviously got the attention of people walking by who otherwise thought we were selling normal clocks. It also inspired the purchase of the bibleclocks domain used by this website.

Thanks to everyone who was so nice to us our first time out. And thanks to those who bought a clock. You couldn't have found one any sooner.

Spring 2006: Goldendale Fellowship and Friends

You guys are awesome. Thanks for the many clocks you purchased and the tremendous encouragement you are.