3D Models

If you have access to a 3D Printer you can make your own Bible Clock. This section contains downloadable 3d model files ready for most consumer 3d printers.

Notes On Units

All clock designs presented here are measured by the size of the clear acrylic disk used for the cover of the clock itself. Typically those disks are available in multiples of 2 inches.

We intentionally use English Units of measure for our clock faces and bases because they are compatible with the units of measure used in the Bible itself.

Modern 3d printers are typically measured in metric units. So you will need to beware of conversion.

If you are in Europe, or some other place which only has metric materials available for the face, then you can correct the English Units to metric by scaling our model files using your slicer to fit whatever disk size you may be able to find.

Bill Of Materials

Designs presented here range from 4 inches to 12 inches in diameter. You will need to pick a face size within the limits of whatever 3d printer you have available. The print area needed on the printer bed is typically about 10mm larger than the face itself.

All of the 3d printable Bible Clocks on this website need a standard set of parts. The following are usually purchased. Typically these come from Amazon, though local hobby stores may also carry these parts.

  • An acrylic disk to cover the clock face itself.
  • A battery operated clock motor with a working battery.
  • 4 of: 2mm Philips head self tapping screws, 8mm long, for final assembly.

You will then need to 3d print 3 more sets of parts.

  • A matched pair of hour and minute hands.
  • A dial for the face.
  • A case.

The designs presented here are setup to be mix and match. Select the overall clock size, say 6 inches. Then make sure you can find that size of acrylic disk. Then select from any of the part sets that are called out for that same size face.

Clock motors work the same across all clock sizes. For larger faces it may be worth considering high-torque motors. These heavy duty motors do not appear to be required for any of our designs.

Everything presented here has been test printed using either Prusa Mk3s or Voron 2.4 printers. Tolerances are set so most other printers should be no trouble either.

2 Color Prints

All of the clock faces for this set of clocks are designed with the intent that the back of the face is printed (typically) in white plastic.

Then, by using slicer settings, a filament change is required mid-print in order draw the numbers and other face markings (typically) in black.

Be sure you know how to change filament mid print before trying to print these clock faces.

Available Models

What follows below is the current catalog of 3d printable Bible Clocks.